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VMware vCloud Director provides role-based access to a modern HTML 5 web-based tenant portal that allows clients to access their organization's resources. You will receive a URL unique to your organization as part of the on-boarding process to access the portal.

The tenant portal URL is, where OrgID is the unique identifier assigned during client on-boarding.

In the following example the organization Initech was assigned an OrgID of Initech. Their unique login URL is:

OrgIDs are not case sensitive.
  1. To access the portal, open a supported web browser and navigate to
  2.              Enter the UserID and password supplied during on-boarding.

  3. Once logged in, you will be presented with your organization virtual DataCenter (vDC)

Supported Browsers

VMware vCloud Director is compatible with the current and last major revision of browsers. vCloud Director release 9.5 was tested with and supports the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome 69
  • Mozilla Firefox 58 ESR for the vCloud Director Web Console
  • Mozilla Firefox 60.2 ESR for the vCloud Director Tenant Portal
  • Microsoft Edge 42
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
Flash must be enabled in the browser to access the vCloud Director Web Console.
Microsoft Edge does not support plugins. Functions such as console redirection and OVF upload will not work.

Legacy Portal

While VMware recommends using the new HTML5 tenant portal, the legacy portal is still available at:

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