Creating an Instance from a Bootable Volume

Updated 6 months ago by Brian Banaszynski

You can create a persistent instance by first creating a bootable volume from an image which we have covered in a previous how-to. Let’s walk through that process now.

The workflow to deploy an instance from a bootable volume is as follows.

  1. Navigate to the Instances section.
  2.          Click + NEW VM INSTANCE:
  3. Select Volume as the source type:
  4. Select the volume you wish to use:
  5.          Click NEXT
  6. Select a flavor for the new instance.
  7.          Be sure to check the flag to make the volume bootable.

             Click NEXT

    NOTE: When booting a VM instance from a volume, a new disk is not created, instead the volume becomes the disk for the VM. The disk size specified in the flavor is ignored.

  8. Select one or more networks the new instance should be connected to.
  9.          Click NEXT

  10. Complete the basic configuration information for the new instance:
  11.          If a security group is not selected, the default security group will be selected.

             Click NEXT

  12. The next step allows you to customize your new instance after launch using cloud-init. For some examples cloud-init scripts see this documentation.
  13.          Click NEXT
  14. Review the new instance settings. If adjustments are needed, click CREATE INSTANCE:

Your new instance will be available to manage under the Instance section in the portal.

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