Manage Volumes & Snapshots

Updated 6 months ago by Brian Banaszynski

In the OpenStack world, volumes are considered as persistent storage. The compute instance, including the OS disk are typically considered ephemeral, meaning that they last for a very short amount of time. When deploying an instance, volumes should be leveraged for user data storage. If the instance goes away, the persistent volume can be reattached to a new instance, retaining all the user data.

From the Volumes & Snapshots tab, users can manage volumes and volume snapshots including the following tasks:

  • Create Volume
  • Edit Volume
  • Attach Volume
  • Detach Volume
  • Take Snapshot
  • Upload as Image
  • Delete Volume

These options are available after selecting one or more volume.

To create a new volume, select + CREATE A NEW VOLUME and follow the guided process.

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