M-Cloud Billing FAQ

Updated 11 months ago by Brian Banaszynski

  • Which resources are used to calculate Virtual Machine (VM) costs?
    Virtual CPU (vCPU), Virtual Ram (vRAM), Provisioned Storage, the VM, and any software licensing beyond the OS.

  • What is the frequency at which usage metrics are calculated?
    Usage metrics are calculated on an hourly basis.

  • Am I charged if my VM is powered off?
    Charges for provisioned storage always apply regardless of VM power state. You will not be charged for vCPU or vRAM consumption if the VM is powered off under the pay-as-you go billing model.

  • Why do I see a partial vCPU/vRAM/Storage quantity on my invoice?
    This occurs when one or more VMs run for a partial period during the month.

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