Creating a New Instance

Updated 6 months ago by Brian Banaszynski

To create a new server:

  1. Navigate to the Instances tab and select + NEW VM INSTANCE:
  2. Select the image you would like to deploy your instance from. In this example, we will deploy a Windows2012 server.
  3. Select the flavor to create the instance from. In this example, we will create the instance using the m1.medium flavor.
  4. NOTE: Only flavors with a disk size large enough to contain the image’s virtual disk are available for selection.

  5. Select the network or networks the instance should be connected to.
  6. Assign an instance name and apply an SSH Key if applicable.
  7. NOTE: It is also possible to create multiple instances very quickly by selecting the Create multiple instances? checkbox.

  8. If the image selected is cloud-init prepared, you can provide additional configuration options that will be executed post-launch.
  9.          Select Finish

  10. Review the Instance properties and select CREATE INSTANCE
  11. For a Windows instance that has not been modified with any cloud-inti post-configuration, record the username and temporary password provided on the next screen.

Selecting OK will bring you back to the Instances overview where you should see your new instance.

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