Creating a Volume from an Image

Updated 6 months ago by Brian Banaszynski

You can create a persistent volume from an image that can later be used to create an instance. Let’s walk through that process now.

The workflow to create a new volume from an image is as follows.

  1. Navigate to the Volumes & Snapshots section.
  2. Click + NEW VOLUME:
  3. From the dropdown, select Image:
  4. Select the image you wish to use:
  5.          Click NEXT

  6. Provide a name, description and size for the new volume.
  7.          Be sure to check the flag to make the volume bootable.

             Click NEXT

  8. Create any metadata tags you may want to associate with the volume. It is safe to skip this option.
  9.          Click CREATE

  10. The volume is ready to use when the status changes from creating to available:

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