Veeam Replication Job Creation

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To create a replication job utilizing the DSM Veaam Cloud Connect Service Provider established in the previous steps, perform the following actions.

  1. Launch Veeam Backup & Replication Console from the Client (Source) location:
  2. Log into Veeam Backup & Replication Console with the appropriate credentials:
  3. Select Replication from the Top Menu Bar:
  4. Enter the following for the replication job:
    • Name: Name for job, example…(File Server Replication Job)
    • Description: Long description for the job
    • Describe you DR Site:
      • Low connection bandwidth (enable replica seeding)
      • Separate virtual networks (enable network remapping)
      • Different IP addressing scheme (enable re-IP)

    Click Next >

  5. Click Add to select a VM to add to the replication job:
  6. Select the VM(s) that you want to add to the replication job:
  7. Click Add

  8. Verify that the size looks correct and click Next:
  9. Enter the destination information for the replication job by clicking Choose… > Cloud Host…
  10. Select the appropriate hardware plan listed under the DSM Service Provider:
  11. It should default to the correct datastore. If there are multiple datastores allocated to the hardware plan and you are unsure which to choose, reach out to your assigned Cloud Engineer for assistance.
  12. Click Next >

  13. Map the source VM network to the Cloud VM network.
  14. Click Add

  15. Click Browse…
  16. Assign both the Source network and Target network to the appropriate VM network mapping.

  17. Select the Source Network:
  18. Click OK

  19. Select the Target Network:
  20. Click OK

  21. Verify the Network mapping is correct and click Next >
  22. Modify the Repository for replica metadata to suite client needs.
  23. Adjust the number of restore points to keep.

    Click Advanced

  24. Select the Notifications tab:
  25. Select Send e-mail notification to the following recipients: and enter a monitored email address so replication job notifications can be reviewed.
  26. Click OK

    E-mail Notifications must be enabled globally, available under Menu > General Options.
  27. Select either:
  28. Direct - If Client source side does not have WAN accelerator(s) deployed.

    Though built-in WAN accelerators – If Client source side has WAN accelerator(s) deployed.

    WAN Acceleration is only available in Veeam Backup & Replication Enterprise Plus Edition
  29. Select Enable application-aware processing if VM’s being replicated require application-consistent backups.
  30. Provide Guest OS credentials (if applicable)

    If your backup job is configured to be application-aware then the replication job should typically also be configured to be application-aware.
  31. Configure an appropriate schedule for the replication job:
  32. Click Apply

  33. Review the summary information and verify the settings are correct.
  34. Click Finish

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