Accessing remote CLI to troubleshoot Edge service issues

Updated 7 months ago by Brian Banaszynski

For additional access to troubleshoot issues, follow these steps to gain direct SSH access to your tenat ESG for configuration and log review via the CLI. Official VMware documentation to enable SSH access to Edge Gateway.

In the example below, we will access the ESG configuration using the tenant UI.

1.     Log into your cloud portal UI.

2.     Select Edges from the left hand nav bar and then highlight the ESG you wish to enable SSH access on.


4.     Select + to create a new firewall rule allowing SSH traffic to the ESG(vse)

5.     Name the rule

  • Add source (Here we will allow any for temporary testing. You can limit source traffic in a Production environment)
  • Set the destination to ALL. Once the rule is saved, this should be displayed as vse
  • Set the service to TCP:Sport-Any:Dport-22
  • Save the changes

6.     Navigate to the Edge Settings tab

7.     Flip the Enabled toggle under SSH Status

  • Set a strong password
  • Save the changes

8.     Ssh to the device

9.     Run the following command to tail the VSE log:

show log follow

When you are done with your troubleshooting do the following:

  • Disable SSH
You will be required to enter the admin password previously set before being able to save the configuration
  • Disable or delete the firewall rule allowing SSH traffic to the ESG


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