Veeam Backup Copy Job Creation

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To create a backup copy job utilizing the DSM Veaam Cloud Connect Service Provider established in the previous steps, perform the following actions.

  1. Launch Veeam Backup & Replication Console from Client (Source) location:
  2. Log into Veeam Backup & Replication Console with the appropriate credentials:
  3. Select Backup Copy from the Top Menu Bar:
  4. Enter the following for the backup copy job:
    • Name: Name for Job example (File Server Backup Copy)
    • Description: Long description for the job
    • Copy every: Modify the interval for the copy job to occur
    Click Next >
  5. Click Add > From jobs… to select the machine to add to the Backup Copy job from an existing Backup job:
  6. Select the Backup Job that you want to add to the Backup Copy job:
  7. Verify that the size looks correct and click Next >
  8. Modify the Backup Repository and Retention options:
    • Backup Repository: DSM Cloud Repository (Cloud Repository)
    • Restore points to keep: 7 (Default)
    • Keep the following restore points as full backups for archival purposes
      • Enable this option if you have archiving requirements and and set as required
  9. Select Advanced:
  10. Select the Storage tab:
  11. Select Enable backup file encryption and click Add to add a password for Backup Copy(s):
  12. Enter a hint to where the password is stored and enter Password:
  13. Click OK
    Once encryption is enabled neither DSM or Veeam have access to your backup copy job files. It is also not possible for either vendor to recover your Backup Copy job password. Document the password to ensure that Backup Copy job files are accessible during a restore.
  14. Select Notification Tab:
  15. Select Send e-mail notification to the following recipients: and enter a monitored email address so Backup Copy Job notifications can be reviewed.
  16. Click OK
    E-mail Notifications must be enabled globally, available under Menu > General Options.
  17. Click Next >
  18. Select Direct if client source side does not have WAN accelerator(s) deployed. If WAN accelerators are deployed on client source side select Through built-in WAN accelerators.
  19. Click Next >
    WAN Acceleration is only available in Veeam Backup & Replication Enterprise Plus Edition
  20. Specify the schedule during which the Backup Copy job can run. This will depend largely on the Client’s available bandwidth. Select Any time if bandwidth is not a constraint. Otherwise you may want to only allow replication after hours as depicted in this example.
  21. Review the summary and verify that Enable the job when I click Finish is selected (default):

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