Selecting a region

Updated 6 months ago by Brian Banaszynski

The Miruma Cloud portal is used to manage cloud resources like images, instances, volumes and snapshots. It is the central location from which users interact with their guest instances, from spinning up new instances, adding volumes, accessing an instance console and much more.

From the Miruma portal you can perform the following operations:

  • View available images
  • Manage your instances
  • Deploy applications
  • Manage volumes and snapshots
  • View available flavors

To change between Regions, if applicable, use the drop downs at the top of the page.

Use WH-KVM01 to manage native OpenStack (KVM) resources. Use WH-vSphere01 to manage VMware resources.

If a user has access to multiple tenants, the Tenant dropdown can be used to navigate between them. In most cases users are assigned to a single tenant.

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